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Christian Boxing Match?

In Church and State, Recent Headlines on March 11, 2010 at 6:46 pm

 Ladies and Gentlemen, 

Thank you for joining us this evening at our boxing match. In this corner, we present Glenn Beck, in red shorts and mercifully wearing a shirt. In this corner, we present Jim Wallis, similarly attired, but with shorts of blue.
Face off, men.

Whoa! Wait one little Biblical day!

*Or less if you prefer since most of us may not live long enough to see an entire Biblical day if we believe the entire earth was created in seven of them.* 

Two Christian men fighting? Christians posturing and showboating to make their point. Can’t be. No, because when I read about Jesus, that guy who started this whole thing, this is about the furthest from What Jesus Would Do. Really. 

Jesus had many dissenters. Jesus had plenty of folks who did not agree with his message. They feared change as much as the Glenn Becks of this world. This would be the entire premise of the Pharisee and Sadducee stories in the New Testament. Not really Fair, you see, and truly pretty Sad, you see

Never once did Jesus call for His followers to rebel or sign petitions or even assemble in His name. He wasn’t like that. In fact, the Jesus we love once was driven to a cliff and merely walked through the crowd. The magic of Jesus was that he never “got in people’s faces” he merely stated what he saw, what was truth, and invited people to listen. 

We Christians spend an inordinate amount of time disagreeing with each other. We disagree about Baptism, Communion, and Marriage. We find reasons to tell each other we’re right and you’re wrong on a regular basis. We embrace our freedom of speech as freedom to judge. Yes, we are free to speak, but just because we can say anything we want, should we? Is it wise? 

We can argue all day and night about fine points. I thought to put them in this post and dissect one by one, but rather, I’m going to attempt to do what Jesus would do when challenged. I trust you are scholarly. I trust you know a lot of verses and quotes to tell me why either is right.

I contend that we need each other. We should not be dividing our house. We are Christians and we walk in the name of Jesus. 

Instead, I will ask you three questions: 

Who do you say He is?

What do you think we should do?

Are we behaving as Jesus would teach us?