all views are welcome, let's use two wings to soar!

Why this blog. Why now.


This forum was started when I was introduced to a conservative Christian woman by a mutual friend, citing all the things we had in common. I assumed she probably was also a self defined liberal. I was initially shocked to learn that we probably had canceled each other’s votes out most of the time. Instead of allowing that difference to keep us from becoming friends, we realized  how much more powerful, our common ground, our strong Christian faith, is. 

The idea of creating a forum to peacefully discuss our politics with each other and our friends hit me. What began as a collaboration is now a solo effort, but I still feel the joy of the Spirit moving me forward.  People of faith are more divided than ever it seems, but there is an energy moving to stop our fighting and stop the hatred, and remember again, we are Christians, we are all children of God. We are called to love each other. (Matthew 5:44) 

It is my extreme privilege to invite you renew your strength and help nurture this forum, where the left wing and the right wing soar and lift our nation’s eagle to new heights.  

All views are welcome and respectfully encouraged.  

Thank you,  





  1. Kim and Cara,

    Congrats on your new venture! I’m looking forward to reading more on your forum. I like the concept …. a passionate liberal and a passionate conservative who can still be good friends!

    The wonderful thing about America is that we are free to express different viewpoints. There are many issues and problems where we should be able to collaborate, negotiate, moderate and compromise in order to develop positive solutions for all of us. Problems with our country’s healthcare system, our national energy policy, our immigration policy, our foreign policy, our economic policy and so forth can be solved (or at least made better) …. if we respectfully collaborate together in good faith. Respectful men and women with good intentions can listen to respectful men and women with good intentions.

    But there are some issues and problems where I maintain it will be better (and I submit more Christian) to simply agree to disagree and hold firm in one’s convictions. I just can’t imagine myself compromising on some of my core values and beliefs. On some of these core values and beliefs, it would be asking way too much of me to discard that which is so much a part of my being. The secular far left, particularly those who are atheists, agnostics, and anarchists, challenge the overwhelming Christian majority in this country to throw away our core values and beliefs. They expect, no they militantly demand that Christians discard their core values and beliefs in order to allow for a more permissive anything goes society.

    Jesus taught us so many great lessons for daily living: to love one another, to be generous and compassionate toward our brother and sister, to treat one another as we ourselves would like to be treated and so forth and so on. But he also taught us that it is OK to be righteously indignant and angry and to fight back against immorality, injustice and those who disrespect God’s laws for Man. When called upon to fight for morality, justice and God’s laws, I think we must do so. At these times, “unity”, while some may call for it, is NOT the important thing. At these times, “unity” is NOT more important than TRUTH, JUSTICE, FREEDOM, MORALITY and COMMON DECENCY.

    I look forward to visiting your new forum frequently!

    Dick Schaefer

  2. Congratulations, and good luck, ladies. I’ll be reading closely and with great interest.

  3. Congratulations! I’m excited about your project even though I’m not religious in the slightest. I like science and although I have spiritual feelings, I’m wondering if they can’t all be explained by my synapses (my six pound universe). Religion has been hijacked for political gain by powerful people over the last few thousand years though, so I can respect your quest for peace, unity and understanding. Nobody supports abortion, but it’s important that a woman has the right to choose. Good luck!

  4. JN, thank you so much for weighing in. You make a valuable point about religion being hijacked by special interests. To me, the most special interest is staying true to my faith. I think we’ve got a good start with mutual respect at the foundation. Welcome!

    John, it’s a pleasure to see your name here. Thank you for your well wishes and encouragement.

    Dick, welcome and thank you for being our first commenter, and your wonderful thoughts. I look forward to reading much more from you!

  5. amen sisters!

  6. Well, it never ceases to amaze me how God can come to two people and make something so wonderful out of two different points of view. It is a joy to see this happen. Who knows what varying points of view will show up and change either one of you! To ponder and appreciate each other is a strong statement. Best of luck to you both. I will be watching with great interest! Liz

  7. Collaboration is the new black, I’m told. It makes so much sense to team up with likeminded collaborators.

  8. The pilgrimage is within, to know your True Self, the exterior doesn’t matter. God is not sitting on a throne doling out favors and inflicting punishment. God resides within you, that’s your True Self.

    Anytime one group believes that they hold the key to how everyone should live their lives and what everyone should believe, you are going to have problems, you are going to have major problems.

    For proof, just take a look around, pick up a decent history book and read about what we do to each other under the guise of religion and freedom.

    God doesn’t have a religion and neither does Jesus although there are about two billion people who believe so and there is another one and one half billion who follow the prophet Mohammed.

    54% of the world’s population prays to the God of the Jews—the God of Noah, Moses, Abraham, Isaac et al. There is no doubt it is the same God and all three groups, Christians, Muslims, and Jews believe that this God answers their prayers and all three groups believe that God favors them, their way, their path, is the only moral and righteous way to live and if they have to, they will kill you to prove it.

    Ya’ll need to learn to get along, just think if you would learn to accept each others differences we would have half the world’s population getting along. There is another 1/3 of the world’s population that doesn’t care if you have a prayer rug or a plastic Jesus riding on your dashboard—just stop killing each other and us innocent bystanders over it.

    On abortion, morally I am against it; legally/constitutionally I support a woman’s right to chose because if abortion is rendered illegal, it will only be illegal to the ones that cannot afford it—plain and simple.

  9. You already know that I believe in COEXISTING. And that is precisely what you are doing. Bravo. I look forward to your blog posts.

  10. Bravo ladies! I look forward to the friendly and intelligent repartee.

  11. Wonderful, wonderful idea, Kim and Cara. Please keep up your work!

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