all views are welcome, let's use two wings to soar!

About the Author

I am a freelance writer with a political science and communication degree.  I write essays, business content, rants, raves, and dabble in poetry and short stories. I consider non-fiction my strength. Truth excites me.

My personal politics, according to a quiz I took, are center-left moderate social libertarian, non-interventionist, &  culturally liberal. Religiously, I come from a Roman Catholic childhood which evolved into ELCA Lutheran.

My politics and religion, while very important to me, do not define me. Nor am I fan of self describing. I prefer to let your impressions tell you who I am instead. 

I try to be open-minded, reasonable, and polite.  I ask for the same courtesy, not only to me, but also to your fellow commenters.  There is so much we can all learn from each other and I welcome the opportunity to share our ideas.  

The inspiration behind the blog title is twofold. Dennis Kucinich once said, “Let us never forget that the symbol of our country, the American eagle, needs two wings to fly – a left wing and a right wing”. His words inspired me to remember we need each other for balance. The other part of the inspiration is the church hymn, “On Eagle’s Wings”, as a reminder that we can be lifted above our partisan arguing and find a way to listen. Even if we don’t agree, we can have peaceful discussion.

If you’re interested in contacting me privately, my email is

Thank you and welcome to the forum!

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