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Resurrection Eggs

In Gratitude, Holidays on April 2, 2010 at 7:11 am

This week, as my family gets ready to celebrate Easter, I pulled out our Resurrection Eggs from storage. This is a project we made when they were very young, but it remains a tactile reminder of Easter.

To make your own Resurrection eggs, you need 12 different colored plastic toy eggs, an empty egg carton and a few miniatures as reminders.

Egg 1 contains something that represents bread/wine. I put little dollhouse baguettes in mine, but I’ve also seen communion cups to recall The Last Supper.

Egg 2 has 3 silver coins to represent the betrayal of Jesus by Judas.

Egg 3 contains a strip of leather cording to represent the soldiers using whips on Jesus.

Egg 4 has a scrap of purple fabric to remind us of the royal robe the Romans wrapped around Jesus.

Egg 5 has a little grapevine wreath to represent the crown of thorns. 

Egg 6 has a miniature cross to remind us of Jesus carrying his own cross. 

Egg 7 has small nails to remind us what were used to nail him to cross. 

Egg 8 has two dice to remember how the soldiers gambled for his clothing.

Egg 9 has a piece of sponge for the sour wine on a stick they gave him when he was thirsty. 

Egg 10 contains a miniature sword to remind us the soldiers pierced his side.

Egg 11 contains a small rock to represent the rock in front of the tomb where the dead body of Jesus was placed.  

Egg 12 is EMPTY, Because our Savior has overcome death and LIVES.




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